Who are we

Antennify is Melbourne’s fastest growing Audio Visual Company specialising in Home TV wall mounting, projector and speaker installation. We have over 1000 customers and still counting. We are young and tech-savvy so as technology evolves, we evolve. This means that you don’t have to understand all the geeky stuff you just need to tell us what you want in your home or office and we make it happen. Whether you want a simple TV wall, speaker or projector installation, to a complete home-theatre we can help you fit out your home. And if you are a little tech savvy like us and want to control everything around your home using your smart phone or tablet you’re in good hands. Home integration doesn’t need to be expensive. Experience our small little luxuries in your home.

Meet the Team

Our Installers:

We have AV technicians as well as electricians, although the work that we are doing at the moment focuses on the AV side of things. You will occasionally see junior technicians working alongside their seniors, training to be the best technicians they can be. You’ll enjoy having them in your house. Don’t worry, they won’t drive you up the wall by whistling hyperactively while working and certainly won’t be scowling and cussing either. They will get the job done quickly and quietly.

Elias Vega
Elias VegaAV Specialist & Founder of Antennify
– Antennify “Integrating technology into your life”

How I started: My parents instilled in me good work ethics and encouraged me to pursue my goals. I discovered that I enjoy helping friends and family with their TV, Antenna, Foxtel and computer problems, which is why I do my job with a smile. Most of all I discovered that by saving my friends some money they were more than happy to treat me to some KFC. Which made my smile even bigger. That is sort of how I got started. Not much has changed since then. I still enjoy helping my customers; and occasionally I’m treated to a cuppa. I have a bunch of reliable and professional guys that work with me now. This allows me to provide families with cost effective Audio Visual Solutions all across Melbourne.