Looking for someone to trust?

As Antennify expands and transform into Wired Store, we make new friends. And good company is always welcome in a new adventure so we welcome em with arms wide open. Old and new friends come together then to this group of businesses that we love to work with and we trust. Are you looking for something [...]

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Antennify expands his services

We are on a great journey, and we want to thanks you because it wouldn’t have been possible without you. We take a step further today and Antennify is now a part of our history of constant pursuit of improvement to offer the best installation services in Melbourne. We are changing our brand but it's [...]

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How Should I Organise my Devices

It’s always good to hide as much technological clutter as possible and integrate the TV into your décor. Consider power-point locations and how you will manage electrical wires, cable systems, and sound equipment. Devices such as Foxtel Boxes, Blu-Ray and DVD Players can be stored away neatly in TV units or alternatively a stand or shelf [...]

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Is it Safe to Install a TV above a Fireplace?

First thing to consider when installing a TV above a fireplace is whether you’ll be watching the TV while burning a fire? We recommend that you check surface temperature and TV specs before having your TV installed as too much heat adversely affects a TV's lifespan and may void product warranties. A quick and easy [...]

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Choosing The Right Spot for a TV Wall Installation

When deciding to get a TV installed on the wall it’s important to choose a spot where it will look good as well as somewhere practical. You want to avoid choosing a wall directly opposite a window to avoid morning glare. If you have toddlers, a TV installation is a good way to make your [...]

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